Anni and Pete’s gorgeous wedding was a little while ago now, but today they are coming in to collect their album and I couldn’t be more excited to show it off to them!

Anni has an eye for style and design, so she was keen to step outside the box and choose a panoramic album… it’s fab! The pano album gives us the opportunity to design with lots of beautiful horizontal images, allowing for lots of stunning landscapes. Love it!

The guys got married at one of my favourite locations: Old Petrie Town. The gorgeous ancient fig trees create the backdrop for a romantic ceremony, and Tom Petrie’s Restaurant was the perfect venue to enjoy the evening with family and friends.

Here’s a peek at what Anni & Pete can expect…

Anni & Pete were married on “iPad 2 Launch Day”, so understandably I had to take a shot or two of them on the new iPad I had picked up from the US the week prior. Anni & Pete are Apple geeks like me, so this shot below made it into the album!