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I’ve been having a series of “proud dad” moments lately. You see, my son Alex has been coming out with me on weddings over the last few months as my assistant. I’m loving the time we are sharing, with his personality he is charming all and sundry.

Alex has been surrounded by photographs all his life, on occasions he has been the “reluctant subject”. I reckon you can never take enough photos of your family, especially your kids. And now he has grabbed a camera and has begun taking photos. Watching him from afar, he is doing just what I do, seeking out the moment, composing the image and click, the moment is captured.

This image is from Sanja and Rob’s wedding. Being a Macedonian wedding, there were lots of traditional elements including the “purchase of the bride”. This image is from when Sanja was hidden away with her attendants awaiting the purchase. Alex was with them, his brief, capture moments. I love this image, it is so delicate and elegant, a documentary image of a beautiful moment in a wedding, it is today’s “Photo of the Day”.