You may have noticed our blog has been quiet this week. It has been a tough time for us lately, my mother-in-law passed away after her battle with Alzheimer’s.  Mum’s funeral last weekend was just beautiful, family and friends came from near and far to pause and give thanks for being part of her life.

Alzheimer’s is such a cruel disease, it brings confusion to sufferers and sadness to family members. Dad was simply magnificent as her carer, a better demonstration of love you could not find. Having your relationship with someone you love slip away before your eyes brings an agonising, slow release sense of loss. The day a cure for this dreadful disease is found will be cause for celebration.

And so it was time to say farewell to mum. How do you say farewell? Mum or “Mosie” as she is affectionaly known lives on through her daughters, her habits and values have shaped our family routines, her presence is around us. We all spoke, dad first, then the daughters, then the son-in-laws (sons). When it was my turn, my voice began strong, recounting some favourite stories, tears and a wavering voice accompanied my words at the end.

After the service, family and friends mingled long into the afternoon, sharing stories of mum and having a good old chat. Mum would have wanted it this way.

Mum, is was an honour to be part of your journey, go in peace, I feel so blessed to be part of your family.