Canturi diamond engagement ring and flowers

Congratulations to all Brides-to-Be who received one of these over the Christmas/New Year Holidays!

New Year’s Eve is a very popular for guys to get down on one knee and pop the question to their girl. in my role as a wedding photographer, I get to chat with heaps of engaged couples and discover their engagement stories. What seems to be a common theme is that the intricate plans put into place for the proposal don’t always go smoothly.

I remember one of my brides and grooms who got engaged in the United States. (To save embarrassment, let’s call them Rick and Kelly. An overseas engagement sounds fabulous and romantic, Rick was flying out for a conference, Kelly was to join him a week later at the end of the conference for a few days R&R. Unbeknown to Kelly, Rick had organised a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant for the “The Proposal Moment”.

One problem. Rick forgot the ring, it was safely locked away at home. When travelling internationally, most people check they have their passport many times on their way to the airport, I guess if you’re going to propose, add “pack the ring” to that list!

So what happened?

Luckily their was a heap of people including Rick’s good mate Steve attending the conference all departing at different times. Rick rang Steve in a highly stressed state (can you imagine the panic!!) saying mate, “I need a big favour”.

A plan was hatched. Before his departure, Steve had to visit Kelly at home, sneak into the home office and get the ring all without Kelly knowing. Steve then had to travel with the ring to the States and pass it to Rick on arrival.

Did the rescue plan work out? Absolutely! Fortunately, Steve was a smooth talker and knew Kelly well, she didn’t suspect a thing. The ring was delivered safely, all went well and Kelly said yes!

How did your partner propose? We’d love to hear your story! Simply make a comment below.

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