I met three Bengal cats recently and hung out with them for a while during a photoshoot. Meet Slinky, Minkie and Ziggy!

Now I like to climb things to get a different view of the world as my images attest but I have nothing on these felines.

I arrived and they were soon on the roof, a little encouragement and we had our first location sorted. Some hanging about inside before helping with the computer work needed to be done and then it was outside to see what was going on. A cheeky bird arrived on the back deck and Slinky, Minkie and Ziggy soon told our feathered friend whose turf it was.

Bengal cats are intelligent, active, energetic cats. Many Bengals have a love of water. They are agile, love to climb (as you can see in the photos), they can be vocal with a distinctive voice. They get along well with other pets & people. Bengals enjoy high places (did I say as you can see in the photos?) and are enthusiastic climbers.

For veterinary advice for your Bengal, see Geoff and his helpful team at Coorparoo Veterinary Clinic.