Vanitas Restaurant wedding reception, Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast

It’s your wedding day, the table is set for your wedding reception, whose coming to celebrate with you?

Let’s backtrack a bit, perhaps way back to the start of your wedding planning. It usually doesn’t take long for thoughts to turn to the guest list and who must be, should be and could be invited.

How do you decide who to invite to your wedding? This is just so hard! Many brides find it quickly gets out of hand as numbers grow. You have to navigate family politics, friendships and etiquette of inviting those whose weddings you’ve attended.

ARGHHH!!!! Sounds like lots of cups of tea around the kitchen table with the folks to sort this out.

Here’s a few thoughts to consider…

1. Who is paying for the reception? 

There is an old saying, “those who hold the gold make the rules.” If you’re paying for your wedding reception, you perhaps have the final say, if the parents are paying, they have a big say.

2. How many people can your wedding reception venue comfortably cater for? 

It’s tempting to squeeze in a  few extra people, an extra table. Your function coordinator can give advice in how many fit into the space, squeezing in too many with table and chairs too close together can make the night uncomfortable for everyone.

Vanitas Restaurant wedding reception, Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast

3. Who are the most important people in your life? 

Who is most important to you? Who will be in your life over the years ahead? These people need an invite.

4. Are kids welcome at your wedding? 

Some weddings are adults only, no kids welcome. Guests organise a baby sitter and have a great night out.

What if the bride and groom’s family have lost of kids that would love to be at the wedding, it would be sad not to have them there.

Most kids don’t have the attention spans of adults (this could be debatable), think of their needs when planning your reception. A kids table at the reception with age appropriate activities and menu can make the wedding reception heaps of fun, and a great memory for them.

Many holiday resorts offer a kids club, why not organise wedding day themed activities at the reception for the children attending?  Hiring someone to facilitate these can be great entertainment. Hiring a baby sitter for the young ones attending will really help their parents relax knowing their kids are in good hands.

5. The too hard basket 

If you can’t decide if a couple is in or out, perhaps take an inclusive approach. It would be tragic if not being invited became “a thing” in your friendship and things became awkward. When all else fails, trust your gut, go with your heart.

Vanitas Restaurant wedding reception, Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast

6. Allocating lots 

What some couples have found helpful is to divide the total numbers and allocate lots. How this is done is up to you, one suggestion is to allocate 25% to the bride’s parents, 25% to the groom’s parents, 50% to the couple.

7. What can you afford?

Wedding receptions are a great night of celebrations but they do cost. How much you spend is totally up to you and what is a priority for you. Prices can range from $50 per head for simple catering through to $300 + per head for multi course degustation menus and drinks at award winning restaurants.

 What to do? It’s your call. Looking down the table and seeing the most important people in your life celebrating with you is one of life’s great moments. 

Vanitas Restaurant wedding reception, Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast