Meet “Monty!’  A very handsome red Poodle he is.  I had the pleasure of photographing “Monty” and Helen yesterday relaxing at home.  Our furry friends are so much a part of our lives, their personalities so eager to please, their loyalty always on display, but really, sometimes our four legged friends just want to play, explore and get a really good tumnmy scratch.

Did you know that the Standard Poodle temperament is that of a people pleaser. They will go out of their way to make their human owners happy. They generally bond to everyone in their human family instead of just one person exclusively.  If  you have a sense of humor and don’t mind a dog that outsmarts you once in a while, a Standard Poodle may be a good choice for you!

Poodles are an excellent choice for people who are allergic to dogs, as they are said not to shed.  In fact they do shed a little, their curly hair actually catches and holds the dead hair that sheds.  Poodles should be brushed on a regular basis so not to become a tangled mess.  Monty had been brushed just before my arrival!

Of course a good vet is essential when caring for your dog, Coorparoo Veterinary Clinic right next door to our studio is where we have taken our pets for more than 20 years.  Geoff  and his team are excellent.  Monty goes there too!

Helen, Monty, thanks so much for having me photograph you, enjoy the preview of some of the images, I am excited to show you the rest of the images in our studio real soon.