Spent time in Ireland and had a wide range of experiences.  Some of my images from Ireland are here, a social commentary if you like.  Stunning landscapes with the greenest grass I have ever seen; if I was a cow, I would want to graze here.  In contrast, we found the global financial crisis had hit hard, things were very expensive and some locals had lost their spark.  A highlight from the south was driving the Ring of Kerry, get a nice car and have some fun.  Also, the Cliffs of Moher were breathtaking; walking along a cliff top edge is not for the faint hearted.  Trinity College, the Guinness Factory and cozy bars were a Dublin highlight.  Locals travel from the south to Enniskillen to do the groceries; prices are so much cheaper in the north.  In Northern Ireland, we found Belfast is under construction with lots of new development, make sure you visit the Titanic Quarter and see the shipyard where the Titanic was built.  Samson and Goliath the Harland and Wolff  cranes, which were named after the Biblical figures Samson and Goliath, dominate the Belfast skyline and are landmark structures of the city.  Worth a look.  To the north, take a drive along the Antrim Coast, totally spectacular, especially on a fine day.  The Giant’s Causeway is also a must see and walk down to.  Oh, always pack a brolly, you will need it.

John Reyment