What will happen during your wedding ceremony? Will you keep it all together or will there be tears? Some brides think they will cry and hope they won’t. If there are tears, there are also plenty of laughs. I love this image during Melissa & Derrick’s wedding ceremony. Images like this will make you feel loved as they remind you how happy you were on your wedding day.

You’ll see how much family love you in my candid images. Here, Jamie share a moment after the ceremony with his son. Being a dad too, this image reminds me of how special it is to be a dad.

You’ll be able to remember the quirky moments in your wedding ceremony with my images. Here, Natasha & Daniel share a laugh.

Hilarious moments can erupt at any time, I’m on the lookout to capture these moments for you. Here, Jamie & Amanda share a laugh while signing the marriage register. Do you have a caption for this image?

Weddings bring together the special people in your life. Jon & Joanne’s beach wedding was so relaxed and casual. Joanne wanted a photo of all the girls at the wedding, I love this image, it is one in a series of everyone having fun on the beach.

You’l be reminded of how much people at your wedding are there to support you with my candid images. Here, Kirsten & Rob are congratulated by family and friends after their ceremony.

I’ll make you feel on top of the world with the one you love during the bridal party photo shoot. Here, Jon & Joanne are atop a rocky outcrop, alone at last! This image is a favourite of mine, when I look at it, it makes me want to go for a walk on the beach hand in hand with the one I love.

My photos will be a constant reminder of how important your family is to you. This is a moment from Michelle & Bill’s wedding at Sirromet winery. Here, Michelle is congratulated by her brother as Bill looks on.

A father’s love… and excitement. This is THE moment that Haley’s dad saw her in her wedding gown. Capturing moments like this for you will always make you feel loved.

Your family will show how much they love you on your wedding day, especially after the ceremony. I’ll capture these expressions for you. This image is from Melissa & Pat’s wedding. Here, Pat is congratulated by family and friends as he leaves the Corpus Christie Chapel.

You’ll feel comfortable with my unobtrusive photography style. This image from Sally & Cheyne’s wedding is all about mateship. Here, Cheyne is congratulated by one of his mates. I’m always on the lookout for real emotive moments like this, they arrive and pass in an instant.

Our grandparents have seen us from when we are born to our wedding day. When I photograph your wedding, you’ll receive photos that show how much your grandparents admire you. These images soon become your priceless treasures. This image from Sally & Cheyne’s wedding is a moment Cheyne had with his great grandma as I was taking the family photographs after the wedding ceremony.

After your wedding ceremony, I make time for you to celebrate with those that love you. Petrina & Ben begin celebrations with their bridal party.

Will there be tears on your wedding day? I was really emotional on my wedding day, yes, there were lots of tears. Wedding days have so many emotions on display, your photos will show how good it feels to be cared for. This image is from Stacey & Daniel’s wedding, here Daniel is helping Stacey straight after their ceremony.

Are there really special people attending your wedding? You’ll be able to see how important these people are to you in my images. This is an image from Kelly & Dan’s wedding at Songbirds Rainforest Retreat. On seeing a very special family member, Dan was brought to “happy tears”.

Only those who have been married know the euphoric feeling immediately after the ceremony, these moments seem like a blur afterwards. My images document the excitement for you to share with everyone. This image is a cracker from Lee and Joe’s wedding at her parent’s farm at Boonah.

How good is a hug! Especially receiving one from people we love at weddings. I’ll create a set of images from your wedding for you that remind you how much you are loved by family and friends. This image is from Irma & Sigmund’s wedding, you can feel the excitement as Irma hugs a friend.


This image is from Jodie & Peter’s wedding, it shares an excited moment after the wedding. This time in a wedding day is one of my favourites, the air is electric as you receive heaps of hugs and kisses from your guests. You probably won’t see me but I’ll be near, photographing expressions for you that quickly become classic moments that show how loved you are.

Emerging from the church about to face the crowd, these are your first steps together as husband and wife. This image is from Jana & Michael’s wedding at the Little White Wedding Church, Maleny. Brides and grooms always say wedding days seem a blur, I remember my own wedding day went all too quickly. My documentary photography style gives you a collection of images that remind you what a great time you had with the special people in your life.

The joy of seeing an old friend. This image is from Tony & Gordana’s wedding as Tony is about to be congratulated after the wedding. We invite the important people in our lives to our wedding, images that show how excited we are to have them with us on our wedding day are priceless.

At your wedding, your bridal party will be so excited for you as you become husband and wife. I love capturing emotive photos of you with your best friends at such a special time in your life for you. This image is from Sanja & Rob’s wedding, they were receiving the applause of the crowd.

After your wedding, your guests will queue to congratulate you. Guess who is near the front of the queue, your mum. This image is from Michelle & Joe’s wedding. Here, Michelle is congratulated by her mum as new husband Joe looks on proudly. My brides and grooms receive a series of images just like this, I love capturing these moments for you.

Weddings are full of all sorts of emotions. Saying your vows and exchanging rings often bring hilarious moments. This image is from Katrice & Nathan’s wedding, I love the expressions, on Katrice and Nathan’s faces. To capture images like this for you, I watch your ceremony intently, clicking as moments unfold. What caption would you put on this image?

Father and son. A special bond. Sometimes a portrait need not contain the obvious faces. This image is from Katrice & Nathan’s wedding, Nathan is getting the biggest hug possible from his dad as his mum looks on. Yes, Nathan is much taller than his dad, I get choked up every time I see this photo. Images like this remind us how proud our parents are of who we have become.

Hugs and laughter, old friends reunited. Weddings bring together people from all over the globe who haven’t seen each other in ages, they can be a big reuniuon. Images like these from Jessica and Dan’s wedding will remind you how important your friendships are to you.


Your wedding is about one thing… Love.

You’re going to invite the most important people in your life to celebrate the most important day in your life as a couple.

Weddings are wonderful events that need to be documented. On a wedding day, a new family begins, in the years ahead, your children will be enthralled as you share the stories of your wedding day, the people who were there and what you were feeling.

Wedding photographs can do so much more than just show what you wore, where your wedding was and how it was styled.

When you look at your own collection of wedding photos, I’ll make you feel loved by those closest to you. The images you see here are real images of love like the ones you could own.

How do I create the style of images you see here? I believe it’s all about understanding people. For many years I worked as a management consultant facilitating leadership and management development programs. Being attuned to people’s feelings and anticipating their actions was a crucial skill, I use these skills at every wedding I photograph. I work unobtrusively, capturing the moments unfolding. Sometimes I organise images, sometimes I try to be invisible, it all depends on the situation.

Getting to know you and for you to know us is how we work best. When we first meet, let’s chat about you, your relationship, what you have planned for your wedding, the people coming and of course how you would like to be photographed. By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll feel like we are old friends.

After your wedding day, we process your images then back them up to multiple locations. Showing you your wedding photos for the first time in our theatre is an experience you’ll love, yes, we have plenty of tissues on hand!

Designing your album with you so that it includes your favourite images is a service we include for you. When you look at your album, you’ll feel loved knowing so many people are there to support you. Your album is what you’ll show your children and grandchildren in the years to come, let’s make it something special for them.

Are you ready to chat about your own wedding plans? We’d love to hear from you.

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