Simple things are the best things.  Time.  It is the most precious thing we can give to our kids.  Moments spent together as a family are so precious, especially so in this world we live in.  I shared an afternoon with Sonia and Kam recently and had the pleasure of meeting their kids.  I had photographed Sonia and Kam’s wedding 5 years ago, some of their wedding photos hang proudly in my studio awards gallery.  It was fantastic to catch up again.

Time for afternoon tea and chocolate brownie is on the menu.  I had given Sonia the recipe courtesy of Donna Hay.  Ingredients and kids on the bench, time for some fun.  Flour, icing sugar going everywhere, it doesn’t matter, everyone is having fun.  Stunning images as well!

It was a pleasure to share an afternoon with you Sonia and Kam, see you in the studio soon!