The Bernese Mountain Dog’s temperament is a strong point of the breed. They are affectionate, loyal, faithful, stable, intelligent, but sometimes shy. They are willing to please, they need to be with you and thrive in this environment. The majority of Bernese are friendly to people, and other dogs.

Meet Ella and Zac, two beautiful examples of the breed.  Friendly, big and playful, they made our photoshoot so much fun. The images above are just a few from the shoot.

The coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog does shed, but grooming and maintenance requirements are not all that high. Twice weekly brushing of their thick coat should suffice under normal circumstances, although this will need to increase during times of heavier shedding.  Of course your vet can provide you with necessary advice on all things health care.  Geoff and his team at Coorparoo Veterinary Clinic are always very helpful.

Are you inspired to own a Bernese?  As a new owner, be prepared to train and socialize your Bernese for a most rewarding relationship. But be careful, owners of Bernese generally comment that once “they  have been owned by  a Bernese”, they can never be without one!

It is a very special experience.