Bettina and Cyril chose the 12th July 2008 for their wedding day. The weather was Brisbane winter perfect; no wonder so many people are moving to Queensland.

The week before the wedding, I met with Bettina and Cyril to plan the itinerary for their wedding day. With their ceremony not scheduled till 4.00pm, we arranged that on the day, thy would meet for photos before going to the wedding as darkness would be soon upon us after the ceremony.

On the morning of the wedding day, Cyril relaxed with his parents and groomsmen before heading into the city.

Bettina and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done by the Powder Room in their room at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane. The girls looked fantastic; when they were ready they went to the rendezvous point we had made outside Restaurant 11 (a great restaurant by the way)where Cyril and his groomsmen would be waiting. It was so exciting watching Bettina and Cyril see each for the first time on their wedding day. After a chat about how wonderful everyone looked, we went for a walk through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens before heading off in a black Rolls Royce for some fun and good times. Cyril is so romantic; he and Bettina make a great couple.

After the photos, Cyril and the boys headed off to the Broadway Chapel at Woolloongabba to greet guests as they arrived for the wedding ceremony. Bettina and her attendants arrived not long after (maybe just a tiny bit late).

The ceremony was beautiful with stories about Bettina and Cyril for guests to enjoy.

It was approaching dusk as the ceremony concluded. Hearty congratulations and some family group photos and we were off to the reception at Brett’s Wharf. Cyril and Bettina are passionate about food and Brett’s Wharf was the perfect location for a wonderful reception with their guests.

We left Bettina and Cyril enjoying their reception. When they returned after a short break, we designed a beautiful wedding album together to tell the story of their wedding day.

Everyone at Reyment Photographics wishes Bettina and Cyril a wonderful life together of fun, laughter, great food and good times.