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It’s been a shocker of a day for you, everything just hasn’t gone the way you hoped when you left for work at 7.30am. Meetings all day, back to back and running late, you missed lunch and what’s more an urgent project has been dumped on you meaning you have to go to the office all weekend. Heading home is a disaster, a 4 car nose to tail on the Story Bridge has caused the biggest traffic jam, your commute in torrential Brisbane rain has been, um, crap.

As you drive up your driveway, the lights are on at home, it’s dark now, you’re nearly two hours later than normal. No time for gym tonight! Opening the front door, you’re greeted by the sound of your favourite artist playing and the image of your partner on your wedding day looking at you with their dreamy eyes. Never before has this canvas print from your wedding hanging in the entry been so needed, the moment captured reminds you, life is indeed good.

Mmmm, that smells delicious, what IS that? Your walk to the kitchen begins to reveal all You see the dining table is set with candles lit, wine already poured. In the kitchen, you find your partner ready to plate a scrumptious dinner for you. What a surprise, this is the dish from last weeks Masterchef masterclass! Your partner smiles, your eyes meet, they are looking at you with the same dreamy eyes from your wedding day.

“How was your day honey?”

What would it be like for you to be welcomed home every day by a reminder of how much your partner loves and cares for you? 

Photos can do that. They capture moments, emotions, feelings. We  look at them to remember, gain inspiration, share stories, feel special and valued.

Weddings can bring a lot of expense, choosing where to allocate funds is such a personal decision for each couple. Many of the expenses in a wedding like the bar bill, cake, reception, cars, styling, music, venue hire are exactly that, expenses, consumed and experienced today, gone tomorrow.

Wedding photography and wedding rings are different to perhaps every other purchase for a wedding day, they are an investment, they last and can be enjoyed on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Many of our brides and grooms are using our Wedding Gift Registry to purchase more images. Guests can contribute to their wedding photography reassured by the knowledge that their contribution has gone towards something a couple can enjoy forever.

That wedding canvas print hanging in your entry, provided by contributors to your Wedding Gift Registry, some extra sides in your wedding album, once again, courtesy of the guests who contributed to your Wedding Gift Registry.

How does our Wedding Gift Registry work? It’s simple really, and is a service we offer to all our Brides and Grooms that have booked their album package with us.

Once we establish your Wedding Gift Registry, guests your can contribute online and pass on a special message to you. The value of your registry can be used to purchase any product additional to your album package. Most popular purchases are canvas art prints and extra album sides.

We have no service or administration fees for our Wedding Gift Registry, it is a service we are delighted to our brides and grooms as they plan their wedding.