Brisbane shivers!  This will be a headline no doubt in the paper tomorrow, it is currently 14.9 degrees at 1.05 pm.  Can you believe it!  Brisbane Weather is meant to be fine, sunny skies and 21 degrees in winter.

People who live in cold climates are used to the cold and have efficient heating, our “Queenslander” timber homes are designed to keep us cool, we don’t even own a heater!

So what do you do to keep warm?  One hint I picked up form a Canadian is to wear two pairs of socks, this keeps your feet real toasty, it works, I tried it in Europe last year.  Some people like to eat when it is cold, me included.  This photo of a street vendor in France making crepes is our photo of the day.  We hope it warms you up!

Let us know how you like to keep warm!