Picture this, three lovely ladies in front of me, each offering me a slice of freshly baked cake. Am I in heaven? No, not yet, I am up to my ears in mud being tempted by tasty treats provided by #bakedrelief, a phenomenon arising out of the floodwaters in Brisbane.

Digellabakes on the road making sure #bakedrelief is provided

When faced with this kind of mess, you need #bakedrelief

Gloves on, covered in mucky mud and hungry, just how do you get a feed. Amidst a muddy warzone, it’s a little difficult to grab a “four n twenty” and a shady spot to enjoy it.  A ‘Carport Café’ had been set up in Sal’s carport, a clean zone established rules of what to do to maintain hygiene set. BBQ, check, urn, check. Food… on the way provided by #bakedrelief.

The 'Carport Cafe'

At the front line, volunteers distributed food from the ‘Carport Café, walking into strangers homes up and down the street to welcome smiles as if wearing an access all areas backstage pass. Workers were fed by hand because of the hygiene issue. The mind boggles, “Under what circumstances could you hand feed a complete stranger a sausage or pieces of cake?”

A recent delivery from #bakedrelief

So where does all the food come from? The idea of Digellabakes, a Brisbane food blogger, #bakedrelief has swelled to an army of home cooks and bakers preparing sandwiches, muffins, brownies, slices, cakes, the list goes on. Food is delivered to locations where it is needed by volunteers, SES, police, ambos, fireys and other workers.

Mini quiches from #bakedrelief, I ate three of these!

Mini quiches from #bakedrelief, go on, have another one.

So what did I eat while I was working? Two snags in bread, a vegetable slice, three mini quiches and three slices of cake. Yes, I had to have a slice of cake from each lady. Thanks #bakedrelief, you kept me going while on the front line.

Foodie friends unite in Sal's carport to help do what is needed to clean up her home after the Queensland floods