During my travels through Europe I stumbled upon the little village of Ennistymon, the Town of the Cascades on the west coast of Ireland near Ennis.  Ennistymon grew up around the shallow crossing of the River Inagh, which is spanned by a bridge which offers a magnificent view of the Cascades. When the river is in flood, the Cascades form a roaring torrent of water for over 200 metres in a series of rocky steps. The best view of the Cascades is obtained from River Walk, reached by going through the Archway of Bow Lane in Main Street.  I followed this walk on a cold wet day and found the “The Cascades” to be surging brown water.  I wondered to myself is this because the villagers pour Guinness down the river?  The Cascades at Ennistymon is our photo of the day.