Meet Maggie, Gus, Nellie, Gemma and Lulu!

As part of my continuing Brisbane pet photography adventures where my quest is to photograph the special relationship between pets and their owners, I met up with Liz and her merry tribe of 4 Griffons and a Spoodle recently. What a hilarious afternoon it was!

The Griffon is intelligent, and lively with a personality much like a terrier. Their charming demeanors, cheerful disposition, and ability to learn tricks quickly makes them a wonderful companion dog. The Spoodle isn’t a pet for people who want to leave their dog in the backyard and ignore it. Spoodles love humans and need to be included with family activities and have regular exercise.

Well these guys have lots of personality, get lots of attention and certainly exercise with each other. Liz, thanks so much for having me at your place to photograph your tribe, I look forward to showing you a fine collection of images in the studio soon, enjoy this preview of a few of the images.

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