I found Fira, Santorini to be a place of stunning beauty, a place to relax, enjoy dinner while watching the sunset with the one you love.  On a chilly grey day in Brisbane, I found myself day dreaming, thinking about my time in Santorini.  The restaurant in the foreground is where I enjoyed a meal with my family as we watched cruise ships set sail into the sunset.

Santorini offers much to the traveller.  Memorable experiences for me are watching the sunset from Oia, eating too many gyros, a donkey ride down the hundreds of steps, stunning architecture and colour and mixed levels of customer service.  Brisbane food and travel writer Karen Reyment shares her visit to Santorini in this article in bmag.  I was delighted to supply photos for the article.

This warming photo of an evening in Santorini is our photo of the day.  Enjoy!