How is this for a collection of pets… no less than “JJ” the Cockatiel, “Jack” the Lorikeet, Guinea pigs “Spike”,” Blinky” and “Mr Adventure” and “ratbag” black dog “Toby!”

The origin of pets names is always revealing. Think of your pets for a moment, how did your family decide on the names you chose? A guinea pig named “Mr Adventure” speaks volumes for his character and exploits.

Photographing this collection along with Kahlia, Jace, Brady and Linda was heaps of fun. “JJ” getting a scratch from Brady reminded me of when my own budgie was with us, he would sit on our shoulders and ask for a scratch or a smooch.  Toby giving “high 5’s” on demand was neat.

Enjoy this preview of some of the photos Linda, can’t wait to show you the rest in the studio soon.