I had the pleasure to photograph Eve and her beautiful Daschunds Ruby and Wilbur.  Cute, inquisitive, loyal, playful and fun to photograph.  A little more “digging” and I found some interesting facts about the Daschund whose name is German for Badger Hound.

Daschunds have featured in art, sport, politics and fashion.  Did you know that a Daschund named “Lump” was Picasso’s constant companion and often appeared in his artwork.  More than three decades after the deaths of the Spanish-born artist and the German-born dachshund, veteran American war photographer David Duncan has published “Picasso and Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey” a book of photographs taken in 1957 that show Lump as the top dog in the Villa La Californie, Picasso’s hillside mansion in Cannes.

Napoleon is perhaps the most famous of all Daschund owners.  Napoleon loved these dogs passionately, and kept dachshunds with him his entire life.

Daschunds have even attended supermodel fashion shoots; Heidi Klum’s daschund Victor is reported to keep Heidi company on the set.

Originating in Germany in the 18th century, the daschund’s unique size and shape makes them the perfect hunting dog. Their small legs allows them to burrow into the ground and their narrow bodies makes it easy for them to capture prey.

Our photo shoot with Ruby and Wilbur was heaps of fun, the dogs loved it when the bowl of “treats” spilled onto the floor.  If they could talk, I am sure they would have said  “Who beter than us to hoover up the mess?”

Daschunds make terrific pets at home.  If you need any help and advice on caring for your Daschund, have a chat with Geoff Teakle and his team at Coorparoo Veterinary Clinic.

I hope you enjoy these images from my shoot with Eve, Ruby and Wilbur.  Eve, many more to show you, see you in the studio real soon.