Autumn has arrived once again, nights are getting cooler, the sticky summer humidity has gone.  Living in Brisbane Australia, a place with a sub-tropical climate does not provide much opportunity to see the splendour of autumn; golden, crinkly leaves of all shapes and sizes wafting in the breeze as they fall to the ground.  I had the pleasure of living in Europe in 2009 and experienced the most wonderful autumn leaves in Luxembourg.  Walking the dog through misty forests taking in the palette of so many rustic colours around me is an experience I will always treasure.

The colours on display in the  the Pétrusse Valley as I walked Pont  Adolphe one November afternoon were truly remarkable.  Pont Adolphe, a stone arch bridge in Luxembourg City was built between 1900 and 1903; the view from the bridge is spectacular, the walk through the valley below is also sensational as you can see in this gallery.

Many advise that November is not the best time to see Luxembourg, summer is better.  Even so, I am so glad I was there to see the autumn leaves, even if it did rain a bit.  Put Luxembourg on your destination list, it is such a pretty country that offers access to so much.