Walkabout Creek, Brisbane wedding photographer John Reyment

Walkabout Creek, Brisbane wedding photographer John Reyment

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in Brisbane is the special people you get to meet. Being invited to witness a wedding, document it and create a beautiful album is a privilege we take seriously. The value that wedding images have and the pleasure they bring to people today and well into the future is immeasurable. I photographed Lisa and Peter’s wedding last August. This morning, I found this beautiful email from Lisa and Peter in my inbox.

Dear John and Mel,

Firstly I’m sorry that this ‘Thank you’ has been so late. Life got a little crazy when we got back from our honeymoon. The work you have done for us is amazing and somehow a mere ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Peter and I come from a back ground of not loving photos. Before our wedding we never had a photo on display in our home, and whenever possible we avoided getting any taken. So for our wedding, we were just happy with the use of disposable cameras and guests using them to their will. However with the family disagreeing and pushing us to find something better we found you; and wow what a change.

Not only have your photos inspired us to display them in our home but your support through the whole wedding ordeal was amazing. You put up with our complaints about other wedding contractors during the late hours of the night. You helped us out on the day when our florist disappointed us. And the best part is you made us smile through the whole thing.

There are many photographers in Brisbane and some of them take a good photo but your ability to welcome us as friends puts you above all the rest. Your service before, during and after the event are an inspiration for all small businesses in the wedding industry.

We are now no longer a non photo house. We are now proud owners of a wall with photos and a beautiful coffee table album that is always out to remind us of the perfect day we had; and a great photographer that helped make it that way.

Thank you for everything and showing us what spending money on a great photographer really means. We hope our paths will cross again in the near future.

Kindness regards
Lisa and Peter

Thank you so much for your kind words, we really appreciate your thoughts and are so delighted that your album is giving you and your family and friends so much pleasure. It was an honour to be your photographer.

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