Meet John Reyment, founder and owner of Reyment Photographics. This mini profile means just 30 seconds to answer…

Favourite Food:


Favourite travel destination:

France, I lived there with my family throughout 2009.

Camera you use?

Canon, have done so for more than 20 years, 5D MK2, and a heavy bag of L series lenses.

Silliest moment?

Falling off a Segway in Dijon, it wasn’t my fault, really!

What’s important to you?

Family, my wife and son are so precious to me.

Why are you a photographer?

Love telling stories with pictures, documenting people’s history.

Favourite sport?

V8 Supercars, I’m a Holden man, fingers crossed for Mark Webber this year too!

Want do you want to do more of in 2011?

Cook more, I am experimenting a lot more than I used to, am no longer afraid to have a go, my family are enjoying what I cook as well!

What is going on in the photo above?

The Queensland Floods hit Brisbane almost as bad as the infamous 74 flood. We were helping friends clean up their house in Fairfield, mud was everywhere. Some photo albums including the wedding album were found wet and covered in mud, I volunteered to clean them up. I strung up a line and with pegs that I found, we had a little photo lab going on, other volunteers would stop and look at the photos drying, I think it gave hope to everyone that all was not lost.

This year, I was judged 2011 Epson AIPP Queensland Runner Up Photographic Artist of the Year, my entry was based on the work I did to rescue photos form the mud.

Thanks John, our 30 seconds is up… have a great day!

No worries.