• Riverwalk before 2011 Brisbane Flood by Brisbane photographer John Reyment
  • Riverwalk during 2011 Brisbane Flood by Brisbane photographer John Reyment

Brisbane’s “Riverwalk” a relatively new icon of Brisbane will be missed by locals, bike riders, dog walkers, tourists, even wedding photographers! Completed in 2003, Riverwalk was an 850 metre structure positioned 35 metres from the riverbank, it was designed to allow people the experience of being on the river.

Offering a unique experience of “walking on the river”, the Riverwalk connected New Farm to the CBD enabling an uninterrupted walk form New Farm to the Brisbane CBD. I walked on it frequently, our little moodle’s legs moving fast to keep up. Uninterrupted views of the city and Story Bridge could be had from the Riverwalk as you traversed it.

Riverwalk was also fabulous for my wedding clients requesting views of the city and Story Bridge; bridal parties were always impressed by such a beautiful view, especially the out of towners.

Riverwalk was not without its critics. Maintenance costs were mounting, Citycat wash causing problems requiring constant maintenance.

Now Riverwalk has gone, destroyed by a surging Brisbane River swollen by waters from the Queensland flood. Who could forget footage of the courageous efforts of the tug boat captain sheperding large chunks of Riverwalk down the river to prevent it colliding with the Gateway Bridge.

Will Riverwalk be rebuilt? Decisions have yet to be made, my opinion, I hope so, it offers so much to the people of my home town Brisbane.

Riverwalk is today’s “Photo of the Day”.