Sitting high on the cliffs at Kangaroo Point is St Mary’s Anglican Church.  Did you know that in 1823, explorer John Oxley described Kangaroo Point as a “jungle, fringed with mangroves with the higher land open forest, covered with grass”.  Hard to believe now of course but you can step back into historic Brisbane when you visit St Mary’s.

St Mary’s has a rich history.  Services on the site date back to the late 1840’s with the current church being all shiny and new in 1873.

St Mary’s is one of my personal favourite churches in Brisbane for a wedding; I have shared many special moments with my clients over the years who have chosen to have their wedding there.  The location itself is central, provides easy access to Brisbane City and Kangaroo Point wedding reception venues, it also offers a tremendous view of the city not often seen.

I have especially enjoyed the marriage ceremonies performed by Father Stephen Redhead, Rector at St Mary’s since 2003.  He has a special and unique way of connecting with the bride and groom and their guests.

“At St Mary’s as well as concentrating on the whole package of a beautiful wedding in the most beautiful church and setting, we also aim to assist people to prepare for the next forty or fifty years of marriage. Marriage is not about one day or a few years” says Father Stephen.

The community at St Mary’s offers more to a couple than just a place to be married on their wedding day.  Father Stephen again; “We are very aware that people might feel uncomfortable meeting a Priest for the first time if they are not used to being in a church, we make every effort for people to feel at home, relaxed as this is their place and our team is there for them – just like God”.

“When we meet a couple seeking marriage at St Mary’s, we gently assure them that the church is not a wedding chapel but the centre of a community of faith; at St Mary’s we are here to walk the walk of life after the wedding day – sharing the joys and sorrows that married life brings. I see my role not just as a celebrant (which I am of course), but rather as Priest and companion on the journey”.

The images here are some favourites from weddings I have photographed at St Marys.  In addition to a beautiful church to be married in, the grounds offer guests a place to relax with the bride and groom while enjoying a celebratory champagne together.  Photo opportunities in the grounds aren’t bad either!

If you are considering an Anglican church near the city for your wedding, be sure to call Father Stephen; he is someone very special.