Tomato crops in North Queensland have been jeopardised with the poisoning of seven million crop seedlings at a Bowen nursery.  A team of 12 detectives has been sent to investigate the mass poisoning, the cost to growers in the Bowen area is expected to exceed $23 million and lead to the price of tomatoes doubling nationwide.

Coming price hikes are being compared to the price of bananas following Cyclone Larry where bananas exceeded $10 per kilo.

While we were living in Provence last year, we passed through the village of Marsanne before the landscape gave way to a wide open plane with a backdrop of distant hills.  These planes between Marsanne and the next village of Cleon-d’Andran were filled with crops, ripe tomatoes lay on the bare earth waiting to be gathered for market.

Tomatoes in a field in Provence is our photo of the day.