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OK, so 2011 is just about done and dusted. What hasn’t been done already this year will probably have to wait till 2012. So here it is, in no particular order, my “Top 10 of 2011”.

1. Helping friends clean up after the Queensland floods.

What a tragedy the 2011 Brisbane floods were. Yet out of something so terrible, something good happened, our community came together and helped out friends and strangers in need. The mud army was on display across Brisbane, I was in Fairfield  helping friends rescue precious photos from the mud during the massive clean up. I entered some of the photos I took during the clean up into the Epson AIPP Queensland Photography awards, I was judged the 2011 Epson AIPP Queensland Photographic Artist of the Year Runner Up.

2. My son Alex Reyment assisting me at weddings.

I have had a series of “proud dad” moments this year, many have been while my son Alex has been assisting me at weddings. Alex is so helpful and fabulous with people. As well as helping Alex learn, I’m loving us having more time to hang out together. Witnessing your kids grow up and start to take their place in the world is one of life’s great pleasures.

3. The 2012 Foodies’ Guide to Brisbane authored by my wife Karen Reyment is published.

OK, so this is not my direct achievement but it was another proud moment for our family. My wife Karen is one of Brisbane’s top food writers, seeing the book in print after many months of Karen’s hard work is wonderful. Thanks to Sally and Mei Yen for their contributions too.

4. Finally, I can say “I Love My Mac.”

Yes, we finally did it. We converted the studio to Mac. A photography studio is a heavy user of IT, our windows environment needed an upgrade, after lots of deliberation, we made the jump to Mac. I now have everything Mac and it all just works! Special thanks to my studio manager Melinda for her patience and persistence, Mel, your evil plan to have Apple dominate the world is working!

5. We are now photographing a lot more food.

Our client base is much more diverse this year after welcoming new corporate and small business clients to the studio with a lot more work in the food and restaurant industry. Our Food and Lifestyle photography website “A Day in the Life” Images showcases a lot of this work. My documentary photography style has been put to good use working with producers, food manufacturers, restaurants and chefs. A special highlight was to travel to every mainland state to photograph key clients for a flour company. 2012 promises to be a year of great opportunities and exciting food photography projects.

6. Meeting so many wonderful people and photographing their story.

To be a photographer, you have to be a people person. Each and every one of our clients has a unique story, we love telling it with pictures. be it photographing a wedding, out on a farm or in a kitchen with chef, I never tire of this, it is always so wonderful seeing the joy our images bring to our clients.

7. New wedding album styles.

We are always looking for new ideas and beautiful ways to showcase our images. Working hand in hand with our album manufacturer has enabled us to bring to the studio new album styles and concepts. We are especially proud of our fabriano album, this year we won heaps of AIPP awards including Silver with Distinction in the Epson AIPP Qld Wedding Album of the Year awards. Going the extra mile to create something unique and beautiful for our clients is what we love to do!

 8. Celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary.

Has it really been that long? Wow, what a momentous occasion this year, Karen and I returned to the Dandenongs in Melbourne where we were married so many years ago, it really was a real trip down memory lane. We visited the chapel where we were married, we stood where we had photos taken, we even re-enacted a few. Life really is an adventure, we’ve had some some good and some bad times, our approach is to live every day and be in the moment.

9. Spending more time in the kitchen.

Regular readers of this blog will know that after our time away living in Europe in 2009, I’ve learnt to cook a bit, I am now spending more time in the kitchen and am loving it. I now have a range of frequently requested dishes I cook for the family, especially at tmes when Karen is busy researching for Foodies’ Guide. None are more popular than my home made pizzas! Without bragging too much, those that know say my pizza dough makes the best pizzas ever!

10. Surviving 2011.

What a year. It’s been a shocker for so many for so many reasons. Floods, natural disasters, global financial uncertainty, changing purchasing patterns, the list goes on. Sadly, so many businesses around Brisbane have closed, many shop windows are now adorned by For Lease signs. Behind every shop closure is a family out of work. For others, things are not too bad, oh the delights of a multi speed economy. To survive in this market is an achievement I am very proud of.

So that’s it, my top ten from 2011. It’s been a year of great change topped by precious moments shared with clients, family and friends. I’m hopeful that 2012 will be a great year for everyone, stay safe, see you in 2012.