Queensland Floods Clean Up, Fairfield It’s all hands on deck as an army of thousands of volunteers arrive to assist our fellow Queenslanders clean up their homes after the Queensland Floods. I was in Fairfield, Brisbane on clean-up Saturday helping friends clean their house and salvagable possessions. It was humbling. Based on what wonderful work I saw today, my top tips for volunteers helping clean up flood damage are simply these:

Top Tip One: Bring ear muffs or ear plugs, generators are noisy to be around all day.

Top Tip Two: Wear two pairs of gloves, rubber on the inside, cloth on the outside.

Top Tip Three: establish a “Clean” Room in the house to place recovered and cleaned possessions. “Clean World” becomes a place of inspiration for everyone.

Top Tip Four: Clean a path or thoroughfare with a gerny so you can walk back and forth safely.

Top Tip Five: Take your teenage kids if over 14, and be amazed at how involved they get. This is a moment in our history and permanent memories will be made. Be prepared to discuss feelings after the day, the sense of loss can trigger a range of emotions.

Top Tip Six: Wear old clothes, stuff you can throw away if necessary.

Top Tip Seven: Have in your kit hand disenfectant, sunscreen, insect repellant, a hat, gumboots, gloves as above, water, and energy food.

Top Tip Eight: Check what to do with someone in the house who knows what they are doing. Try not to burden the home owner with too many questions as they simply don’t have answers. Take responsibility for a task, enlist others, show leadership, enjoy the teamwork.

Top Tip Nine: Enjoy the spirit of what is going on, it is unprecedented on this scale.

Top Tip Ten: When “beer o’clock” arrives, enjoy!