Family fun by Brisbane family portrait photographer, John Reyment

Family fun by Brisbane family portrait photographer, John Reyment

Today was the final day of the AIPP Queensland Hair of the Dog. What a day it was!

Choosing speakers and workshops to attend was a challenge given the quality program on offer. California’s Jasmine Star, one of the world’s top ten wedding photographers was a keynote speaker. Check. Lots of info, notes made, questions answered, Awesome! Jasmine’s workshop was even better.

Brisbane’s very own Todd Hunter McGaw was running a workshop scrutinizing creativity in Todd’s preferred manner; creative! Great work Todd and Alyda, thanks for sharing your journey and take on things, I’ve enjoyed the chats we have had over the years about stuff, congrats on your achievements.

Final act was Matt and Katie from Matt and Katie Photographers in Toowoomba. Fusion was the topic; much more was delivered in one of the most humbling, sharing of a personal story presentations I have seen. Being a professional trainer and management consultant in a previous life,  I’ve seen a few. Tears were flowing, on stage… in the audience… and in my seat! No I am not a “Gleek” but maybe I’ll catch the next series!

So what did I learn today from Jasmine, Todd and Matt and Katie? Lots, I have a pad of notes to prove it. There was one common thread today. Family and work life balance. As photographers, we spend lots of time away from our families photographing other people’s families like in the image above. The issue of work life balance is a topic close to my heart, especially after my family pursued our family dream by living in Europe throughout 2009. Today was a brutal reminder of past lessons learnt and a shake up for many.

Jasmine, Todd, Matt and Katie, a special thank you for today. I rushed home after the last session; cooked dinner with my wife as we enjoyed a glass of wine, sat around our kitchen table over dinner with the family and caught up on stuff.

What lesson was I reminded of today? Family is simply everything.