bachelor australia finale will it be snezana or lana

Tonight’s the screening of the Bachelor Australia Finale, will our bachelor Sam look at Snezana or Lana with the same adoring eyes as Mark has for Samantha in this image from their wedding day?

Australia’s bachelor Sam has a massive decision to make, who will he choose? Her entry will no doubt be spectacular, the expression on Sam’s face might give us a clue as to where his heart lies.

This candid wedding ceremony image is from Mark and Samantha’s wedding day at Ocean Views Estates Winery & Restaurant. Candid moments make memorable images, we love this image as Mark sees Samantha walking towards him.

Good luck to Australia’s bachelor Sam as he makes his choice. Will it be Snezana or Lana? We’ll be watching tonight to see the look on Sam’s face as Snezana and Lana arrive!