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Do you love your job? I love mine as a wedding photographer but it isn’t a job, it’s a passion. So why am I inspired to share this now, a busy Thursday morning?

Rob and Sanja are in the studio right now selecting images for their wedding album. I just showed them the slideshow of their wedding in our theatre and there were raucous laughs and tears of happiness.

I photographed Rob and Sanja’s Brisbane wedding a couple of weeks ago, it was a Macedonian wedding with lots of traditional elements including “buying the bride”, traditional music, dancing all day long and food, food, food!

Most of the photos are emotive candid moments, my speciality and just what Rob and Sanja wanted.   The image above is at a private garden in Chelmer. After the wedding ceremony, it was time for them to kick back and enjoy a glass of Dom Perignon and chat about the day so far. It was a magic moment I captured from another corner of the garden.

As I write this, Rob and Sanja are viewing their photos on our big iMac. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they are choosing their images makes me so proud, how many jobs are out there where you can make people so happy. Is this a job, no, it’s a passion, if you love what you do, you never “work” a day in your life.

Thanks guys, it has been such an honour to be your photographer, now I must get back to “work”.