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Wedding shoes, brides put a lot of thought into what they choose to wear on their wedding day, after all, they have to look good, carry her down the aisle, dance into the evening and be forever introduced as “these were my wedding shoes”.

Over the last week, we have had a competition on our blog for you to vote for your wedding shoes. Drumroll (As I open the envelope, draw breath)…

“…And the winner is…. Number 1. (Play the winners music)  Congratulations to our bride Bridget, the proud owner and wearer of wedding shoes Number 1.

These shoes are available form Zu.

Bridget, please choose a wedding image for your complimentary 10×8 print.

Voting was very close, Number 8 (Shayne’s wedding shoes) was an early favourite but votes for Bridget’s shoes surged ahead as the voting deadline loomed.

Bridget was an absolutely gorgeous Brisbane Bride, click here to see more photos from her and Michael’s wedding day.

A very sincere thank you to all who voted!