There are so many times and occassions to have a portrait session with those people special to you.

  • New Families
  • Little Kids and Families
  • Older Kool kind of Kids and Families
  • Couples Portraits

New Families
Anticipating the birth of a child is an amazing time. The weeks leading up to the birth are precious moments. A personal portrait session for the mother-to-be near end of term can provide beautiful images of this unique time in her life.
Newborn babies are so cute! Photographs taken in the week after the birth are so precious as they will never be so tiny again.

Little Kids and Families
A new baby quickly grows up to take a place in the world. Parents often remark, “My little one is growing up so fast!” By the age of two, that little one of twelve months is gone forever!
When children reach 6 months of age, most are sitting up and smiling at you.  This is a great milestone and time for a portrait.
Our approach for baby and children’s photography is to be as unobtrusive as possible. Photographs of children playing in their natural environment can be a wonderful memento of their age for parents.
Our on location in home service is very popular and follows our personal approach to photography.

Older Kool Kind of Kids and Families
Family portraits make a terrific gift idea. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, parent’s wedding anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas are all occasions when a family portrait would be a wonderful gift.
Capture the essence of your family or older children in an on-location portrait.
We will work with you to choose locations, fashions, props and photography styles that reflect their personality.

Couples Portraits
Any occasion is an excuse for a portrait with the one you love.
Just a few excuses for portraits include:

  • Will you be my valentine…
  • Boys and their toys (Porsches, HSV’s, Harley’s, Jet ski’s, Subaru WRX, etc)
  • Our new car. Why not have a portrait with you and the car on your favourite stretch of road!
  • That special picnic…
  • We’re engaged!
  • It’s our anniversary!
  • Documenting our pregnancy…
  • I want to surprise him…
  • I want to surprise her…