St George Greek Orthodox Church

It was a humid Saturday November afternoon way back in the mid 1990‘s that I first visited the St George Greek Orthodox Church at South Brisbane. My mission; research! I had my first Greek wedding coming up a couple of months later and I needed to familiarise myself with all the traditions and proceedings of a greek wedding ceremony. Watching from the balcony above, I was able to observe and make notes of all the significant moments in Father Gregory’s wedding ceremony.

My pre wedding meeting with my bride and groom went well, my observations and notes were spot on.

Now, nearly 20 years on, I’ve lost count of the number of Greek weddings I’ve photographed. I love photographing weddings with strong family cultures as the expressions and gestures you sere are so demonstrative and make great candid photographs.

Entering the church is always an experience. The cool is welcome as is the tranquility. The icons are visually dominant. Photographing a greek wedding ceremony is a visual feast, there are so many elements, discretion is needed as you quietly capture each moment. Favourite images for me are all the different expressions the bride and groom and their attendants have throughout the ceremony.

Leaving the church is an experience for the bride and groom as all their guests are outside ready and waiting to congratulate them with rice, confetti, petals or anything else they can launch.

And with the ceremony and family photographs over, guests make their way to the wedding reception for pre dinner drinks as we head off to create some fabulous bridal party images.