It rained. Just a little, but enough to make Ashleigh concerned about her hair frizzing up. So I came prepared, with a photogenic umbrella to do the dual task of looking pretty in Ashleigh & Sebastien’s engagement photos, as well as keeping them a little drier than without it.

I always love exploring the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. I find something new there every time I visit, no matter how many times I wander through the paths I manage to stumble upon a new hideaway, or a new tree is in bloom and providing me with a beautiful backdrop.

This day was no exception and Ashleigh, Sebastien and I had a wonderful time roaming around the grounds. The rain stayed put, but was little more than pitter-patters through the afternoon.

Ashleigh, of course, still looked lovely, and her hair managed to make it through our shoot.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds out there! Enjoy a nice dinner or a cuddle on the couch together.