I was outraged to see the Four Corners documentary this week on the live cattle export trade to Indonesia. This is such a barbaric, sad story of cruelty unimaginable. Slaughtering cattle is not for the faint hearted, the footage shown of indescribable cruelty brought tears to my eyes and left me shocked and stunned.

I understand that there is a persuasive argument for live exports; the lack of refrigeration is a major problem in some countries. But nothing excuses the cruelty witnessed and presented on this program.

Australian cattle farmers have such pride in their herds and go to great lengths to care for their beasts which in turn delivers a great product. The French farmers I met while living in France take similar pride in their herds. I photographed the Charolais beef cattle above visiting French farms. It is incomprehensible to think that Aussie cattle as beautiful as these French beasts could meet a tortuous demise when exported to Indonesia.

We can do our bit to stop the live export trade, petitions are circulating on social media, sign up and show you care for animal welfare, this barbaric process has to stop.