Kate and John's wedding by wedding photographer Brisbane, John Reyment

Kate and John's wedding by wedding photographer Brisbane, John Reyment

I’ve been thinking… about what is life. You know, the kind of cosmic question that you ask when having a deep and meaningful with a trusted friend over a glass of red or three.

So what prompted this… today? Yesterday I saw an animated film “Remember When” that tracked the life of a couple from early days to when they grew old…

Seeing this old couple look back at their life (OK, they were animated characters) It got me thinking. What is life? I reckon it’s all about experiences.

At some point, we all have an empty basket and go about “collecting experiences”. Some experiences we choose willingly, some happen to us, some we avoid to have, some we need to have but don’t know it.

How is your basket looking? Are you happy with what’s in it? You can’t chuck experiences out of your basket, you can just add more. But what about those experiences buried at the bottom of your basket?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to bring your favourites to the top again and relive them?

Photos can do this for you. They take you back to the moment.

Photos communicate history. A single wedding photo can show feelings; fashions, styles of the time, how people related, and what a city looked like. An album of wedding photos can share the story of a wedding day.

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week. Imagine 50 years from now; your son and grandchild holding a precious print of one of the best moments in your life; your wedding day in 2011. A print? Really? Will a print last this long? Well if printed professionally, it will last 100 years + so 50 years is no problem if stored safely. Will a digital file of the same image be able to be viewed in 2061? What type of device will we see it on? Certainly not an iPhone 4! What digital file formats will be compatible with devices in 2061? No one can be sure.

To see a beautiful photographic print in your hand, no viewing device is needed, just your eyes, a warm heart and a cuppa. Looking back at photographs of the people we have loved is an “Experience”.