St Marks Square Venice by John Reyment

Imagine jumping into your Delorean and travelling through time back 40 years to the 1st April 1973 armed with a 16GB USB stick of your photos from the 1st April 2013.

Those “living in the 70’s” would be extremely curious to see photos of your loved ones, the fashions of 2013, photos of the city you live in, even the cars on the road. It wouldn’t take long for you to become the April fool though saying a device like a USB stick has photos on it, no one would believe it possible. No one could view the photos as there’d be nothing compatible to view them on.

Now, jump back in your Delorean & navigate to the 1st April 2053 with your trusty USB Stick in your pocket. Will anyone be able to view your photos from 2013? Probably not. Some old timers may recall USB ports and sticks, useless relics now confined to stories about “back in their day”.

Now travel back to 1973, this time armed with a collection of prints from 2013. You’ll be the centre of attention and considered a bit weird showing fantasy pics of 2013 to inhabitants of 1973. You better plan your exit strategy carefully, the images you have will be hot property. In the wrong hands, they may change the future as you know it.

Now travel forward again to 2053. Your prints will be met with fond recollections, chats about how good life was way back when and stories about people, times and fashions long past. The smiles you bring to people will be amazing, you may even be asked to put them on display in a photo exhibition in City Hall.

OK, outside of Hollywood, time travelling Deloreans aren’t real, we can’t travel through time or change the future.

Or can we?

We can change how images of today with the ones we love are remembered, shared and enjoyed in the future…it is up to us.

Printing images professionally preserves the image and future proofs them.

No wacky device is needed to admire a printed image except our eyes…and a warm heart.