lovebird wedding bride and groom at du Monde by Daryl Wark

Sara and Dean at du Monde by Daryl Wark, Paddington Brisbane.

 Guess who is coming to see their wedding photos later this week? If you said Sara and Dean, you are absolutely correct!

They were married last weekend in Paddington, it was a very emotional ceremony with lots of tears and laughter.

This image is one in a series of images I captured in the Paddington area. Sara and Dean’s wedding had a lovebird theme, they look so happy here with a fantastic future ahead of them.

A special thank you to to Daryl Wark for allowing us to use his gift and home wares store du Monde on Latrobe Terrace for photos. I’ve lived in France, the look and feel of du Monde reminds me of some of the places I’ve lived in. Thanks too to Bernice for staying open after closing, you are fantastic!