• Queensland Floods, Brunswick Street New Farm
  • Queensland Floods, River Walk
  • Queensland Floods, Main Avenue, Coorparoo
  • Queensland Floods, Main Avenue, Coorparoo
  • Queensland Floods, Kangaroo Point

The Queensland Floods of 2010/2011 are the greatest natural disaster to hit this nation. Almost simultaneously, country and city folk alike are experiencing the destructive force of flood waters invading their homes, their businesses, their lives.

I have been moved to tears watching the images and story of this flood unfolding before my eyes. So many lives have been affected, friends of ours at Yeronga have lost everything and are faced with a massive task. Tomorrow, we put on the gumboots, grab a broom and pressure hose and start cleaning.

I was a boy when the 1974 floods arrived, my memory of gazing across wide expanses of flood water near my Indooroopilly home with rooftops poking through is one I remember to this day. The number “74” is etched in my memory, like many others who also lived through it.

Now many years later, I am a professional photographer. In 2010, I was delighted to win the Epson Qld Documentary Photographer of the Year Award. My pictures tell stories, be it of  a wedding, a family, life, food. Images become our history; one day, future generations will talk of this flood of 2011 as being perhaps a turning point in Queensland’s history.

At this harrowing time as people rebuild their lives, I would be honoured to volunteer my time and a disc of images to tell your story of you and your community. Images of clean up, community coming together, rebuilding, solidarity, celebration. My personal project will be to capture documentary images of your community coming together, the big story of this disaster.  Perhaps one day, these images will be in an exhibition of celebration, a time when our community worked together to became one.

If you are in Brisbane and my volunteering to document your story is of interest to you, please email me at

I would be honoured to volunteer my time to capture images of this moment in history with you.