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  • reyment photographics wedding photography brisbane
  • reyment photographics wedding photography brisbane
  • reyment photographics wedding photography brisbane
  • reyment photographics wedding photography brisbane

You are planning your wedding and are organizing all the things you need including a photographer.  You have an important decision to make; do you go friend with a camera or professional?  While the option for a friend may be more appealing to your budget, a professional is always a better choice.  But what do you get when you hire a professional photographer for your wedding?

The pro wedding photographer delivers photos in all conditions.  Let’s face it, things happen at weddings.  Late makeup, broken down cars, wedding dresses malfunction, nervous people, sudden storms or wet weather are just a few. Long after these dramas on your day have been forgotten, you will still be able to enjoy the images your pro wedding photographer gave you because their experience enabled them to cope with dramas.

Pro wedding photographers experienced at photographing weddings use their interpersonal skills to relax people and get great images.  People photography is their specialty, their images capture moments in a magic way! Uncle Bob with camera is not experienced at photographing the events at a wedding or seeing the moments as they arise. Camera stores like Ted’s report that they sell so many entry level digital SLR’s to people looking for a camera to photograph a friends wedding next weekend. Do you want to be a lab rat on your wedding day as your friend experiments with their new camera?

The pro wedding photographer offering a complete wedding photography service will take responsibility for production of your album and when you get it, you can enjoy it immediately.  If you have a disc of images and have to take the responsibility of making your own album DIY style, you may never get around to it.

Quality pro wedding photographers typically use the finest materials from their album suppliers.  These materials protect your images and are not available to the public.

Pro wedding photographers have lots of equipment, back ups and infrastructure.  Did you know your pro wedding photographer has backup cameras, a variety of pro grade lenses which produce better quality images, a digital asset management system to protect and archive your files, pro grade calibrated computer monitors to ensure prints look the same as the screen?

Pro wedding photographers invest in keeping up to date with industry standards and new techniques.  They have typically dedicated many years to photography and happily use this experience when working with you to give you the best possible images. Pro wedding photographers are typically accredited members of the AIPP.

Pro wedding photographers can use their experience to offer helpful hints on wedding day etiquette and procedures.

The quality of work form a pro wedding photographer is far better than DIY amateurs.  We happily accept that building regulations prevent DIY electricians doing electrical work to their homes.  Licensed builders do much better work than the DIY builder working on a weekend. In the trade, builders often get call outs to fix and repair disasters done by the home builder. Top class chefs produce much better meals than an amateur cook even though they may have used the same basket of ingredients.  The same goes with photography.  The pro wedding photographer uses great technical skill and attention to detail when photographing a wedding, designing the wedding album printing the images.  The end result is breathtaking. Unlike a restaurant meal or even a deck being built, there are no second chances with a wedding.

There is so much more to photography than pressing the button.  Pro wedding photographers naturally take into account so many things when taking photos including light, image composition and styling, expression and all the little details that make such a difference in the final image.

The images below show the stages Reyment Photographics uses in producing a beautiful image.  In this example, we have produced a beautiful warm tone. The image was exposed to enable a gorgeous artistic image to be produced. Level one is a correction for exposure and colour. Each image is analyzed and corrected to this level. In level two, we do further work so everything is perfect for your album prints. Level three, our studio art print has more specialized work, this example has a texture applied and is perfect for your wall.

Like in anything in life, you do get what you pay for. Wedding photography is no different. Managing wedding budgets is an art to itself. While it may be tempting to use a friend and not invest in your photography in the lead up to your wedding, a decision to choose a professional wedding photographer will provide you with the comfort that you will have quality images you can enjoy forever.