Last night, we at Reyment Photographics hosted an evening for professional photographers to come by the studio and have a casual chat about how we like to do things.

John was approached by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and asked if he would host what we call an “On The Lounge” event, where other photographers can come by for a peek at the gallery, and we can show them what we think makes our studio so wonderful!

We had a brilliant turnout, we were bursting at the seams with photographers! The event booked out in under 24 hours, so it was guaranteed to be incredibly successful before it even began.

John spoke to the group about the importance of work-life balance, particularly while running a small business, and the importance of striving to “Live the Dream”. With the experience of a lifetime (living in Europe for 2009 with his family) to back him up, many people wanted to hear all about how John made it happen. John shared his experiences with the group and challenged them to review their own goals and follow their dreams. You could certainly see the cogs turning in the minds of many of the photographers present as they began figuring out how to structure their own businesses to better work for the lifestyles they would like to create for themselves.

And if you were one of the lucky few who came along last night, John was serious about wanting to see those photos of your future,  so send them in to .

With his background in management consulting and training, John is making time for business coaching to help fellow photographers find the balance between running a successful business and maintaining a meaningful lifestyle, so this was the perfect forum to speak to many photographers about what he does best.

And while I work with John here at the studio, I’m incredibly thankful for the work he put into the event to make it such a success under the banner of the AIPP. Perhaps we will have to have John speak for us again to light a fire under more photographers…!

Melinda Comerford
AIPP Queensland President