provence venterol france reyment photo john reyment

This is the view of my rooftop terrace in Provence France last year.  I lived with my wife Karen Reyment and our son Alex in Europe throughout 2009. Our year was about having time together as a family, living a different life, trying new things, meeting new friends, experiencing different surroundings.

We lived in Europe for a year for FREE!  But just how did we do it?  Home Exchange enabled us to have free accomodation and use of a car.

This Monday the 3rd May, Food and Travel Writer Karen Reyment will be interviewed by Terri Begley on Brisbane Radio ABC 612 at 10.30am in the segment “Learn Something New.”  Be sure to tune in on Monday morning to learn how you can have a life changing experience with your family with home exchange.

UPDATE: If you missed Karen on the radio, click here to have a listen!