Pink shoes above Vote 1

Blue shoes above Vote 2

Shoes on Fence post above Vote 3

Silver shoes on wire above Vote 4


Yellow shoes above Vote 5


Cream shoes above Vote 6

Shoes amongst flowers above Vote 7


Shoes with “bling” on LHS above Vote 8

Shoes on RHS above Vote 9


Shoes on LHS above Vote 10

Purple shoes above Vote 11

Are you a shoe fiend? Go on, take a look in your wardrobe, how many pairs do you have?

A good friend of mine has a fabulous collection of 245 pairs, all in boxes, labelled, stacked; each is ready to wear when the occasion is right.

Wedding shoes have a special job to do, they will waft  you down the aisle as your eyes are fixed on your man, share every step with you on your wedding day and be your dancing shoes into the night.

The moment when you say enough is enough and retire them for the evening is a moment we all look forward to. My wife has some “drop me at the restaurant, go park the car shoes”, the relief when they are banished for the evening is immense.

Here is a top wedding tip to survive sore feet on your wedding day. Choose a second pair of shoes for your reception. Drop them off to your reception venue the day before (in their box) and have chef put them in the freezer for you. When you arrive at the reception, do a shoe swap, put on your “frozen shoes” and enjoy the relief!

The photos above are of some wedding shoes we have photographed recently. Which pair of shoes above do you love the most?

Make a comment on this blog post telling us which in your opinion is your favourite, and the bride whose shoes receives the most votes will receive a complimentary 10×8 inch print from their wedding.

Hurry, “like” the post, spread the word and vote, we tally the votes at 3pm on Wednesday the 18th May 2011.

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