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Here at Reyment Photographics, we love photographing weddings. Being the one to photograph all the special moments on a wedding day and turn these images into a beautiful volume for everyone to enjoy is a tremendous responsibility.

Regular readers of our blog will remember Irma and Siggy’s wedding, it was on the 11th November, a date you can never forget. This is one fabulous couple who simply love life and each other. Sig popped into the studio yesterday to collect their wedding album. We looked at their album together, remembering the moments on each page. Each opening has a wonderful story, wow!

I can only imagine what it would of been like for Sig driving home excited to share the album with Irma. I’m sure he would have been grinning from ear to ear.

This morning, I received this beautiful email form Irma:

Hi John,

Love the album! I had to calm down a bit after all the excitement of opening each one of the packages. From the time Sig stepped out of the car my thoughts were “wow it’s heavy”… “what a nice box and album cover!”… “gifts?! omigod they’re beautiful!”… Obviously we’ve seen all the photos before, but having them printed and sitting on my lap was just wonderful and I love how the last page looks very happily-ever-after-ish with the inclusion of the vows. I had to stop myself from running my fingers through the pages! (actually Sig stopped me) and my sister wants me to tell you not to retire before she gets married.

Thank you for a beautiful album and lovely gifts. We’ll cherish them for years to come and I’ll no doubt continue stalking your blog & facebook page 🙂

Kind regards,


Irma, Siggy, thanks so much for your kind words, you guys are simply awesome, best wishes for the years ahead.

Tonight, I’ll be the one driving home grinning from ear to ear, I might even do a happy dance when I get home!