When John came in to the studio after photographing Tristan & Amanda’s wedding, he told me he had some really special photographs.

I was so excited to take a look at them, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Silhouettes of the bridal party on a grassy hill, the horse nuzzling Amanda’s bouquet, shots with the sunlight glinting off the camera lens… the list goes on.

But when Amanda & Tristan came into the studio to design their album, I was really excited! They loved simple, elegant designs and wanted their album to be a storybook of their special day.

Yesterday, we were happy to hand over the finished product to Tristan, who was under strict instruction not to peek until Amanda could sit beside him and they could enjoy their first look together. I can just imagine her anticipation while at work throughout the day, waiting to see this stunning album for the fist time!

Tristan & Amanda, we hope you had a lovely evening last night enjoying the first album viewing of many, and that you and the generations after you treasure this beautiful album for many years to come!

If you would like to see Tristan and Amanda’s album in full, visit our website portfolio.