Daniel and Tash were married on the 6th September 2008 on a windy day in Brisbane.

We found Daniel relaxing at home with his groomsmen checking out the finer details of the old London taxi they had arranged for the wedding.

Meanwhile Tash was preparing at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane. When I arrived, there was a overriding calmness, I knew it was going to be a great day.

Hair and makeup complete, it was time for some photos with the family and Tash’s bridesmaid Anna before going to meet Daniel for photos before the wedding. Yes that’s right, photos before the wedding. As the ceremony was late in the day, we had arranged to meet for photos before the wedding so as to maximize time with guests later… and get some fantastic images before.

We met outside Restaurant 2, located on a great corner in Brisbane where I could get a photo of Daniel and Tash seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. The short video here shows this meeting. As the end of the video, there is a short interview on how Daniel and Tash felt about the photos before, it was a fantastic thing to do, watch the video for more details and to see how we work.

We moved around the city for some great shots, some of my favorites are on the staircase silhouetted against the sky, totally dramatic. Trying to keep out of the wind was a challenge but we did well.

Time to head off to the ceremony, Daniel and Tash had chosen the Chapel at St Stephens Cathedral for their ceremony and it was the perfect venue for an intimate ceremony with their guests.

After congratulations, time to get into the old London Taxi and depart for the reception at the Port of Brisbane Visitors Centre. Daniel is a fantastic chef as were a lot of the guests many of whom had traveled internationally for the wedding. Being a foodie myself, we needed no encouragement to get into the kitchen and check out the action. The cocktail reception ensured guests got to enjoy a wide variety of canapés, the menu was brilliant. I even got photos of Daniel preparing some canapés for Tash in the kitchen.

Sadly it was time to leave; we had a great day as did everyone at the wedding. All of us at Reyment Photographics wish Daniel and Tash a wonderful life together, I am sure every moment will be accompanied by a laugh and splendid food!