Fantastic gnocchi accompanied by a simple tomato, pesto or gorgonzola sauce is a delight.  Recipes for gnocchi, a dish common in Northern Italy have been documented back to the 1300’s but this recipe from Mirko Grillini is a ripper.  The secret is to use light hands as you bring all the ingredients together.  Involve the family as you prepare the gnocchi, it can be fun for all. Remember, use light hands!


  • 1 fist size potato per person, cooked and pushed through a ricer
  • Grated Parmesan cheese, 1 spoon per potato
  • Plain flour approx 50g per potato
  • Salt
  • Eggs 1 egg for every 2 potatoes, whisked
  • Milk – use only if using cold potato from fridge

Make a well with flour and place warm potato in the well.   Add salt, parmesan, and eggs. Bring all ingredients together.  Delicate hands are the key.  Kneed gently, add flour to bench until dough doesn’t stick to bench.  Knead until soft.  Don’t overwork dough.

Be gentle, dough should end up like a squishy pillow.  Break off pieces and gently roll into snakes 1.5 cm wide.  Cut snakes into small pieces about 1 ½ cm long.

Roll pieces once each on bench or on fork with end touching bench at 45 degree angle.    Place on floured trays.  Place gnocchi in boiling water and remove when they rise to the surface.  Stir through chosen sauce gently using a wooden spoon.  Serve.

Special thanks to Mirko Grillini for this fabulous recipe!