My name is Hayden and I have just had a week of work experience at Reyment Photographics. As part of my work experience I organised a Cosplay photoshoot.  I selected my models Jack and Louisa.

The theme I had chosen for the photo shoot was centered around the Cosplay Community. Cosplay is where people create costumes out of Video Games, Movies, Tv shows, Comics and Japanese Cartoons and comics. Jack cosplayed as Batman from Batman: The animated series and Louisa cosplayed Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. The photo shoot was around Coorparoo area in particular a grafitti-decorated fence with lots of interesting artwork, Coorparoo skate park and a few nearby factories.

This week, I gained experience in using a digital SLR, editing and manipulating images in photoshop.  John, thanks so much for the week at Reyment Photographics.