Photographing moments is my specialty, it’s something I have done for over 30 years and I get an absolute thrill doing. Witnessing the joy my images bring to others is such a buzz, a rush I never get over.

I was asked the other day by a new client how I do it; “capture the moments” that is. A great question, after some time to think about it, I reckon it’s all about your attitude.

Photography style is such a personal thing. Some photographers photograph in a very controlled way posing every image, directing every shot. This may be with a very tight routine moulding “the moments” to fit a pre conceived plan or script. Images may be composed with clear thought as to where they will go in an album and the layout to be used. Different wedding albums may have very similar content, only the subjects and locations may have changed. The images may well be beautiful, the only thing is they may be just the same as the previous week or the following week.

My photography style is different. It is largely documentary so I take a very different approach to photographing events like weddings. If  I may share something that I hope this is not too alarming, to be honest, when I arrive at a wedding, I have no pre conceived idea about how I will create the images on any given day. I typically make it up as I go along drawing inspiration from my bride and groom, the surroundings, the guests, the relationships between people and what’s inspiring me creatively at the time. I find this appproach keeps things fresh, it enables me to capture the “real moments” and interactions on a wedding day.

Its simply this:

” You must quieten your own mind and listen with your heart, it is only then that the moments to photograph reveal themselves and you best be ready with your camera.”